Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any updates?

As Polyraven Vision has been Archived it is unlikely it will get large updates in the future.

How do I update the software?

There is an automatic updater built into Vision itself. But the online installer can also be used as an updater as it will always download the latest resources. In the very least, the latest portable version is also always available on the website.

How do I update the license server?

The license server is only available for download through Gumroad for those who purchased a Studio License. An eMail will be sent in case there is an update for that.

Will I have to buy it again after an update?

No, once you buy it, you have it. It's a one time payment/purchase.

Can it be used offline?

Yes, it is designed as such. But license activation does require internet connection. In case of a Studio License, only one computer has to be online for a short period of time.

Can I use it on multiple computers?

Basic License:

Yes, it's the free version of Polyraven Vision, you can use it on as many machines as you like.

Pro License:

Yes if you are the user of the device. But there's a limit, one product key can activate it only five times per year (rule subject to change). How you use these activations is up to your judgement.

Studio license:

Yes, that's the very point of it. Keep in mind that the users/computers have to be part of the same Local Area Network, and be reachable by a Local TCP connection.

Have problem with payment, product key delivery, account, etc.

Paymemts, and product key deliveries are handled by Gumroad, a third party service. Furthermore we also do not have user registration on this website. If you encounter any issues with these steps or such nature, please consider contacting Gumroads customer support first. We have next to no control over what is happening on that side.

Can I upload or mirror it on my website?

NO, every download and acquisition must go through this ( website. Please read the EULA for further details.

Can I resell it?

NO, this software has a free version but is prorietary, and not open source. Please read the EULA for further details.